Better together.

From coaching to counseling, we believe we can impact your life in a positive way.


The insight and education gained through our activities helps participants to make life changing decisions and to develop the skills necessary for creating and sustaining healthy lifestyles and relationships.


We use a uniwue combination of conversation and activity to illustrate significant truths, expedite the learning journey, and make learning fun.


Keeping up with today’s fast paced lifestyle, sometimes family time gets lost in the shuffle. To protect endangered family time, we host a number of fmaily-friendly events throughout the year.


We realized that when couples and families have fun together, they actually enjoy spending more time with each other. We use specific methods to cultivate the cohesion.


Focused on providing marriage and family enrichment, coaching and ministry for individuals, couples, families and groups

Our aim is to help those in crisis and those who just want to improve what is already working.


A few things we’re great at

We use a combination of world-renowned counseling methods and the Bible to guide and instruct individuals, couples, and families on ways to improve their daily communication and interactions resulting in overall better mental, emotional, and spiritual stability and happiness.


We face so many choices and changes in life. Our life coaching sessions are designed to help you organize your thoughts, feelings, and choices in a way that allows you to identify your best options.


People grow and change over time and so do thoughts, beliefs, feelings and relationships. LoveSavers incorporates systemic and developmental theory in its approach to helping couples navigate through the varied stages and changes in love and life over time.


Our team of faith-based, licensed, family & marriage therapists provide their knowledge and insight at various workshops, seminars and retreats.


Are you on the journey to be joined in Holy Matrimony? We offer officiant services for your ceremony from our highly-revered minister.

Fellowship & Events

Take some time to be in fellowship. Join us at our next LoveSavers event.



JoyLove is embarking on an important mission for our 11th annual retreat! After 10 fun-filled years of glorious goal setting, dream development, and personal growth, we have accepted the challenge of tackling any unfinished business that would keep us from going even farther in our faith and getting the very BEST God has to offer each of us. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on retreat details for 2019!


January 14 – 16, 2022


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January 18 – 20, 2019

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Abundant Love and Life (A.L.L.) Book Club is a fellowship of Christian women who have made a commitment to pursue abundant love, life, and communion as promised through Biblical scripture. Join us as we seek the wisdom and guidance of our God.

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Join us for the next book club meeting!


From large events to intimate gatherings, we are happy to share our memories with you in hopes you’ll join them too.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients and members say:

The LoveSavers sisterhood is the perfect space for any woman who is seeking like-minded Christian women supporting one another through life’s many journeys, whether it’s being a wife, a mother, a working professional, an entrepreneur, or a daughter.

Carahna Magwood

Lemonaid Digital Designs

My best friend invited me to join the Joy Love weekly prayer call as her birthday gift this year and it has been an amazing experience of honest, thoughtful sharing, caring and praying by women around the world, who like me know that the answers to our everyday problems can be found in our faith to believe that God will have his way. Whether I dial in to share a praise report, ask for a prayer request, or just listen silently, I always walk away feeling blessed.

Selina Askew

The Ladies Plug

The JoyLove events are a great time to relax, rest, laugh, share, enjoy, eat, pray, praise, learn, grow, and refocus yourself as you continue to move forward in your purpose.

Jaylesa Bentley


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Our Team

Our team consists of marriage and family therapists, team builders, ministers, and life coaches who are dedicated to helping clients achieve abundant life, enduring love and personal success.

Sonja Williams, LCMFT, M.Div.

Co-Founder & Chief Marriage and Family Counselor

Dwight Williams, Ph.D.

Co-Founder &  Chair, The Gentlemen’s Exchange

Weena Cullins, LCMFT, M.S.

Marriage and Family Therapist & Life Coach

Stephanie Davis

Chair, Joy Love

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We share our good, bad, and blessed moments that might inspire and lead you to find God’s glory in your own life.

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JoyLove is embarking on an important mission for our 11th annual retreat! After 10 fun-filled years of glorious goal setting, dream development, and personal growth, we have accepted the challenge[…]

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Love Savers Re-launches A.L.L. Book Club in 2018

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